Your office is a hugely important part of the home, so you need the right desk accessories to make the area functional, fun and fruitful. The right office accessories help you get your work done faster and with less hassle, but they also transform your office into a welcoming space where you want to spend time.

Traditionally, office supplies are drab, boring and nothing to get excited about, but that’s not the case with desk accessories from TENDANCE etc. Our office accessories are fun and colourful, designed to help your workspace to be more productive and also more enjoyable.

Sourced from some of France and Europe’s most innovative designers, our desk accessories combine designer chic with the unusual and the unconventional. We’ve got creative memo boards, funky mouse pads, wonderful Bluetooth speakers, tape dispensers, clocks, notepads, glasses holders and pens that will put a smile on your face.

All of our office accessories are made from the finest materials and boast clever design, but they’re also affordable and highly practical. And if you spend more than $100 we’ll ship your order for free, so stock up on our cute and colourful desk accessories to turn your office into a functional and welcoming space.

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